Feeling Anxious? Avoid Eating These 3 Trigger Foods

You already know that anxiety can be triggered by internal factors, like an abundance of stress, and external factors, like a challenging week at work. What you may not know, though, is that anxiety can also be triggered by your diet – specifically, foods that are high in sugar and caffeine. Read on to discover a few foods that should be avoided, if you want to keep your anxiety under control.


It isn’t hard to imagine why coffee is associated with high anxiety. Drink too much of your morning joe, and you’ll likely feel a little high-wired before lunch! This happens because coffee contains caffeine. Consume too much caffeine and your body will elicit adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol – two chemicals that spike heart rate and blood pressure, causing anxiety, sleep problems, and more.

White Bread

White bread, rice, and pasta are all processed foods containing refined sugars, which can wreck your healthy diet while affecting your mood. These sugars work by spiking your blood sugar before dropping off completely. In turn, you’ll likely experience anxiety symptoms akin to a sugar crash. Avoid these effects by always choosing whole grains when you can.

Light Salad Dressings

Salads are healthy – but what about the dressing you’re using to give it flavor? Pay close attention to the labels on your light salad dressings! Many of them swap fat for sugars, resulting in an abundance of sugar that you may not realize is now topping your favorite leafy greens. Always try to use as little dressing as possible on your salad. You can also try cutting your dressing with oil and vinegar.

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