Genius Ingredient Swaps to Try In Your Pancakes

Pancakes are a go-to breakfast for a reason. For starters, they’re delicious, lightly sweetened, and filling. Second, they can be topped with a myriad of things, including fresh fruit, whipped cream, nuts, chocolate sauce...the list goes on! Finally, a pancake batter can be customized to fit your needs. No eggs? No problem. Just ran out of flour? No worries! Here are a few of our favorite pancake ingredient swaps, which will help you whip up a batch of all-star pancakes, no matter what you have on-hand.


No eggs? Mix in applesauce! Your pancakes can benefit from both the sweetness of applesauce and the pectin this snack contains. Pectin is the same binding agent used in fruit pie filling, so you can bet that adding applesauce to your pancakes will give them the same consistency as a recipe with eggs. Applesauce is also a great egg replacement due to its low levels of fat and cholesterol.


You might not associate mayonnaise with pancakes, but in reality, it’s the secret ingredient behind some of the best pancakes you can make at home. Achieve an ultra-rich, melt-in-your-mouth quality by using three tablespoons of mayo for every egg called for in the recipe. This swap works because mayonnaise – which is typically crafted from eggs, oil, and vinegar – contains the same binding agents as eggs.


Bananas are great served on top of pancakes – but, did you know that you can also add them to the mix? Bananas make for a good flour substitute, for those days when you’re craving pancakes but only have a few things on-hand. Add one mashed banana to your batter for every cup of flour needed. Because bananas are starchy and fibrous, you’ll also want to reduce the milk in the recipe by half and double the eggs.

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