The Best Places to Buy Throw Pillows Online

Nothing adds flair to an apartment home like unique decorative items. But, if you’re working with a limited budget, you might be wondering how to add style to your apartment home, without breaking the bank. Enter the throw pillow. Throw pillows are great for adding pops of color or fun patterns to your decorative scheme, without requiring that you commit wholeheartedly to a certain look. Plus, they are also easy to swap out with every season or holiday, so you can keep your interiors fresh without spending a fortune.

Ready to take your apartment décor to the next level with throw pillows? Here are a few of our favorite online shops, where you can buy budget-friendly throw pillows.

H&M Home

H&M is known for their brand of budget-friendly, fashion-forward clothing. But, did you know that the Swedish retailer also has a ton of on-trend housewares? Visit H&M’s website to browse pages of awesome decorative items, including throw pillows. Though H&M Home doesn’t usually include pillow inserts with their products, simply add a pillow insert and you’ll end up with a designer-inspired piece that costs much, much less than the pricey finds at Pottery Barn and similar shops.

World Market

If you’re looking for home items with worldly flair, check out World Market’s website. The budget-friendly retailer has everything you need to deck out your space in bohemian style, including – but certainly not limited to – throw pillows. Unlike H&M, World Market often sells their throw pillows with inserts included. Though this results in a slightly higher price upfront, some buyers might consider it money well spent, given that you don’t have to hunt down inserts, too.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Odds are, you’ve visited your local Bed Bath & Beyond for household necessities that are harder to find at Walmart or Home Depot. So, why not click over to their website to check out their decorative pillow offerings? Though most of their items are full-price, Bed Bath & Beyond is also notorious for their generous coupon program, which many reports never expire – meaning that, if you play your cards right, you can buy all the pillows you want at a fraction of the advertised price.

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