Some Organic Foods to Skip at the Supermarket

Eating organic foods has become what seems like a necessity if you want to stick to a clean, healthy diet. Despite “organic” being used to describe how food is produced, and not its nutrients, many people believe that organic finds are automatically better for their health. Although organic foods tend to have fewer toxins pesticides, not all organic foods are worth the additional cost – even if you’re concerned about the cleanliness of your food. Read on to discover a few organic products that even nutritionists skip at the supermarket.

Organic Candies

These days, you’ll find “organic” labels slapped on a wide variety of products – even candy. Though an organic label might make these treats more appealing, organic candy is filled with sugar just like regular candy. And, no, organic sugar won’t fare any better for your health than the regular kind. Save your money by purchasing traditional candies whenever you have a sweet tooth.

Organic Pineapples

Organic fruit is a popular buy, but when it comes to organic pineapples, dieticians say you should skip it. This is because the thick, prickly skin that makes it so tough to crack open a pineapple function as a great shield against pesticides. Therefore, you can buy non-organic pineapples and rest easy knowing that they’re just as safe as organic varieties.

Organic Fish

Not sure whether you should buy organic fish? Well, considering that there is no official standard for organic seafood, you can safely bet that any fish product claiming to be “organic” is simply out to cost you more money. Instead, you should shop for fish-based upon sustainable sourcing. Choose local fish when you can and wild fish over farmed fish.

Organic Avocados

Worried about your consumption of non-organic avocados? As it turns out, traditional avocados are just as healthy as organic varieties. This is because avocados are rarely sprayed with pesticides, and when they are, the solution used is very similar to pesticides for conventional avocados. Spare yourself a few bucks by skipping organic avocados when shopping.

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