4 Genius Ways to Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is fun for popping or ideal for lining packages and boxes. But, aside from these two purposes, you might think that bubble wrap is mostly useless. Yet, there are many imaginative, downright genius ways to use bubble wrap every day – whether at home, on the go, or even when camping. Check out four awesome ways to use bubble wrap below!

Keep frozen foods cool.

Bubble wrap is a surprisingly effective insulator, especially when it comes to keeping cold or frozen foods cool immediately after shopping or when traveling from one place to another. Try wrapping items after purchasing to keep cold or add a layer of bubble wrap to your cooler or travel bag.

Preserve the shape of your shoes.

You’ve heard about using old pool noodles to keep the shaft of your boots intact, but what about bubble wrap? Bubble wrap is much easier to come by and work with, especially if you’d like to add padding to the toes and heels of your shoes, as well. Simply cut an appropriately sized piece and insert it.

Keep tools in good condition.

Tools are handy to have around the house, but if they’re ill cared for, they won’t do you much good. Protect your tools from each other and from external wear and tear by lining your toolbox with bubble wrap, which will serve as cushioning and help your tools last longer.

Add padding to sleeping bags.

If you like to camp, you’ll wonder how you ever did so without bubble wrap! Bubble wrap can be placed under your sleeping bag, where it will provide much-needed cushioning for your body while protecting the bottom of your sleeping bag from dirt and moisture.

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